The company estate covers ca. 50 ha andtouches three different spots in Valpolicella. The scents and aromas ofeach location represent a unique territory, which is recognizable in the differentwines we produce.


Located at the entrance of the Marano valley in the municipalities of San Pietro in Cariano and Marano di Valpolicella, Brigaldara winery is surrounded by ca. 10 ha. of vineyards. Altitude varies from 150 mt. up to 250 mt/a.s.l. and the vines are southwesterly exposed. The vineyards are placed on very typical and charming terraces supported by dry-stone walls (known as marogne in italian). There is a prevalence of Corvina and Corvinone grapes, among other autochthonous grape varieties. The soil is mainly clayey-sandy with a tufa substrate that permits an optimal ripening (when the weather is dry roots find water that, on the other hand is drained during rainy periods).



Located in the municipality of Grezzana, at analtitude of 450 mt./a.s.l. and surrounded by chestnut trees, lies the Case Vecie vineyard. Abandoned for a long time, in 1994 it was entirely replanted in collaboration with the University of Oenology in San Floriano. Taking advantage of global warming, we decided to invest in high-hill vineyards. The intuition turned out to be the right one, confirmed by the great success of our Amarone Case Vecie and Valpolicella Superiore Case Vecie. Late ripening enriches the wines with a special spicy note. The vineyards are southerly exposed and are placed on ridges (where we planted Corvinone) and colluves (where we planted Corvina).



Located in the municipality of Grezzana, 250mt./a.s.l., lies the 4-ha vineyard Cavolo, surrounded by olive trees. The soil is very different from the rest: it is mainly stony with very high levels of limestone. Therefore, the production per hectare is extremely limited. There is a prevalence of Corvinone grape, among other autochthonous varieties. Up to 2011, Cavolo grapes were added to the Case Vecie production, but since 2012 we decided to vinify the two separately. Amarone Cavolo differs largely from the other Amarone wines of the company. It has a slightly higher sugar residue (5/6 grams liter) and an intense floral note


Our skilled staff entirely manages and takes care of the vineyards.

The grapes of Valpolicella - Az.Agr.Brigaldara
The grapes of Valpolicella - Az.Agr.Brigaldara

Our vineyard technician establishes every action that needs to be taken in the vineyard and coordinates the team personalizing every single intervention. All our efforts aim at maintaining the correct balance between growth and fruit production in the field and at an optimal ripening of the grapes.