Case Vecie. Amarone “Vigne Alte” - High-hill Amarone

Case Vecie is a natural and rural microcosm located on the high hills of the municipality of Grezzana, called "torricelle" by the people from Verona because of the four Austrian towers built on the ridge of the mounts to defend the city. The locals also call this area "vegetable gardens of Verona", because they were once dedicated to the production of agricultural supplies of the city.

Abandoned after the war and reconquered by nature, the area was cultivated again only in the late 90s. Case Vecie is Brigaldara's agricultural bet which aims at nurturing its vines cultivated in a high-altitude ecosystem (450 m a.s.l.). The rows alternate with large grazing areas, cultivated fields, chestnut groves and woods rich in truffles, which dominate a landscape of rare beauty and biodiversity.

In the farmhouse at the entrance of the property, Agriturismo Locanda Case Vecie (, opened in the summer of 2023. This is the company’s first hospitality venture.


Valleys and ridges

The sixty-five hectares in Case Vecie, nine of which are planted with vines, are divided into two areas: on one side the valleys - with southern exposition and silt-sandy soils rich in organic matter, mainly planted with Corvina; on the other side the ridges, much more exposed to sunlight during the day with poorer, pebbly soils that enable the roots to sink in the tuff, mostly planted with Corvinone.


From our high-hill vineyards in Case Vecie we produce two different wines, each stemming from a different plot taking into account exposition and ripening curve. Amarone della Valpolicella Case Vecie is a present and direct wine, with great finesse, elegance and freshness, and a very deep and complex aromatic profile accompanied by fruity and peculiar notes. The grapes for Valpolicella Superiore Case Vecie are harvested from the cooler plots and are aged in large oak barrels. They result in an elegant and structured everyday wine that denotes good acidity and soft tannins.


This particular area is characterized by a rather extreme climate, very similar to mountain climate, influenced by high altitude and by the thick woods that surround the vineyards. Corvina and Corvinone grapes ripen almost 20-25 dayslater than the other vineyards of the estate. They do so in a slow and constant way and are affected by important temperature changes that positively influence the colour and aroma of the wines that are here produced. Late harvesting also influences the drying process for Amarone Case Vecie. With a delay of about a month, the bunches that are left to dry in the drying loft enjoy a dry and cold climate, presenting a slower and more regular dehydration curve.

From this vineyard we produce

Case Vecie Amarone Case Vecie Valpolicella Superiore