“Sustainability” has become so overused to the point that people who genuinely embrace it as a core value tend to downplay it. The Equalitas certification, for us, has been the means to streamline, formalize and document a set of practices already embedded in our operations and company culture.

At the same time, it serves as a consistent driver to improve and find new ways to reduce our impact on the environment and the society. These efforts earned us Gambero Rosso’s Sustainable Winery Award in 2021. Equalitas certification covers all aspects of our wine production: starting from sustainable practices in the vineyard and cellar, on to good business practices for employees and suppliers, resulting in a sustainable finished product.

The technical and scientific validity of Equalitas’ sustainability standard is supported and endorsed by a Scientific Committee, formed by academics of the the wine sector specialized in sustainability, and by members of the private sector, whom intervened in all phases of the preparation, revision and approval process of the standard.

The Equalitas standard focuses on the socialenvironmental and economic pillars of sustainability and introduces for each objective verifiable and measurable requirements that an independent authority can measure and certify.

Through the application of the standard, businesses are encouraged to integrate sustainability in their corporate management practices, focusing first and foremost on self-assessment.

Every year one must prepare a Sustainability Report setting out the improvement policies that one intends to put into practice and measuring the overall situation. An independent body performs an audit to certify progress: this guarantees greater transparency, but also encourages businesses to show constant commitment and efficiency.

You can download our Sustainability Report.

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